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TThis is an honest reflection into my training and lifestyle regime, throughout all my eBooks I take you on a journey sharing everything with you which keeps me in shape all year round with a positive mindset. My journey started at the age of 18 when I discovered a passion for fitness, initially wanting to look bigger but realising that being big and heavy didn't go with my other passions which was football and fashion. I had to make the right choices as I also had a job supporting young adults with learning disabilities, so finding a balance between the three was key. Through my role of supporting others I quickly identified how much self satisfaction I got back from helping others achieve their goals. 
This being one of the main reasons I have decided on giving back everything I have learned over the 10 years in the fitness industry and many factors in what I believe has lead me to many top fitness shoots and fashion shoots around the world. I now want to help others achieve healthy lifestyle goals along with a positive mindset and experience something of the amazing things I have seen. Everyone is capable of achieving greatness, just some are hungrier than others. Are you hungry for greatness? Let’s get to work.

Are you hungry for greatness?

Let’s get to work.  

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Through the Lens..
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